When to Put a Cork in It (and When to Just Drink)

Open Bottles of Wine With Cork

In an ideal world there would never be any leftover, unfinished wine, and an open bottle means an empty bottle. But sometimes life gets in the way. You think your day is done, get home, pop open a bottle of something nice you’ve been saving, but before you have a chance to finish a glass an emergency with your kids or partner comes up. Maybe your roommate gets into a fresh bottle not realizing you already had one open on the counter. Or you just want one great glass. Having leftover wine isn’t anything you need to be apologetic about.

But it is good to be prepared.

Here are five guides to help you find the best way to handle open wine bottles. From learning the science behind corks and how long different styles of wine keep, to preservation gadgets and tips on resealing bottles (don’t flip that cork over!), these articles will help you waste not and wine more.

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    5 Tips to Storing Open Wine

    This quick and easy cheat sheet is the perfect place to start. Should open red wine be refrigerated? Is it better to use the “clean” end of the cork when plugging a popped bottle? What if you just want a small sample of a high-end bottle? For a crash course in wine preservation, look no further.

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    Take Your Time

    How long can a bottle of wine actually stay open before it starts to degrade? Red, white, still, sparkling and fortified, we look at a variety of wine styles to give you the scoop on shelf life. Learn when it’s time to drink a bottle, and when it’s time to cook with it.

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    Go Go Gadget Coravin

    Technology continues to change the planet, and the wine world is no exception. We look at five gadgets meant to lengthen the life of your open wine, and see which are worth the hype.

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    Become a Cork Dork

    While screw caps and alternative enclosures continue to gain traction in the world of wine, its easy to forget the stalwart stopper for centuries of preservation: the cork. Learn the interesting story behind this versatile tree bark, and how it protects your wine.

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    I Can Go For That

    Half-bottles are always an option, but if you’re willing to buck convention, here are 11 canned wines worth giving a shot from single-serving size to two or three glasses-worth.

Published on August 11, 2017
Topics: Wine Basics