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Emmy Award
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The 68th Emmy Awards airs on Sunday, and whether you’re excited to watch the spectacle or plan on skipping to binge-watch some of the nominated shows, we’ve put together the menu for your couch-bound awards-show weekend. Here, we present Wine Enthusiast’s take on the nominees for Outstanding Drama Series 2016 and their perfect wine, cocktails and food pairings.

  1. Photo courtesy FX

    The Americans

    This spy thriller about undercover Soviet KGB agents living double lives in the suburbs of Washington D.C. has been a critical darling for top-notch acting, an intriguing and unique storyline, and Kerri Russell’s impressive and extensive use of oft-bewildering wigs. Still what better way to celebrate a tale of Cold War spies than by diving into five new takes on the Moscow Mule?

  2. Photo courtesy AMC

    Better Call Saul

    This spinoff/prequel of 16-time Emmy winner Breaking Bad has proved over two seasons that it has the chops to stand on its own as quality television, as well as bringing newfound popularity to a city so nice they named it Albuquerque, New Mexico. Learn the ins and outs of traditional New Mexican cuisine and try your hand at three classic recipes: Green Chile Stew, Biscochitos and Tomato Jam.

  3. Photo courtesy PBS

    Downton Abbey

    Still pining the loss of Downton Abbey? Re-watching favorite in preparation for a final Emmy win? If you’re looking for something to imbibe while catching up with the Crawley family, your Downton Abbey drinking guide can be found right here.

  4. Photo courtesy HBO

    Game of Thrones

    There are few television premieres more anticipated than Game of Thrones. Last season ended dramatically, with the possible return of the King in the North, and fans (and Wine Enthusiast) were excited. So excited, in fact, we couldn’t help ourselves from rounding up Five Northern Wines in Support of House Stark. Look to the North, friends…winter is coming.

  5. Photo courtesy Netflix

    House of Cards

    Say what you will about Frank Underwood, but the man has great taste in barbecue. In past seasons, it’s often been hard to stay focused on the plot when a big plate of Freddy’s ribs is dominating the screen. While we’ll never know just how fall-off-the-bone beautiful the show’s fictional fare is, we can help you make the real deal at home with this dry rub baby back rib recipe.

  6. Photo courtesy Showtime


    With a sixth season set to premier soon, and a seventh and eighth already picked up by Showtime, this show about CIA spies and sleeper cells shows no sign of slowing down any time soon. While global in nature, large portions of Homeland take place at the CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia. We thought it may inspire some of the more vinous viewers to take a look into some of Virginia’s wine revolutionaries and get inspiration for something new to sip.

  7. Image courtesy USA Network

    Mr. Robot

    This breakout show on the USA Network about a brilliant hacker with severe, let’s say, reality issues, has become known for its militant faithfulness to computer technology and stellar acting by Rami Malek. Still, for fans of the first season, it was tough waiting a whole year wondering about the mystery of what was in the Coney Island popcorn machine. So in honor of the show—and for snacking purposes—we suggest you give this Hurricane Popcorn recipe a try.

Published on September 16, 2016
Topics: Culture