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Warm weather is upon us again, which means it’s time to scrub down the grill and prepare for a slew of holidays honoring America’s armed forces, labor and the birth of our nation, by charring meats in the sun (and unabashedly day-drinking).

Whether grilling at home or a park with friends, these recipes will make sure you go into any cookout situation like a grill master.

Go forth and sear meats in the good name of America, and remember that when it comes to barbecue, leftovers are just sandwiches that haven’t reached their full potential yet.

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    Barbecued Baby Back Ribs

    While hot dogs and burgers may be the go-to staple of every summertime cookout, nothing makes guests stand on their toes for a glance inside your grill than a few racks of baby back ribs roasting away. This recipe uses a simple, delicious and ultimately low-maintenance dry rub to cut down on preparation time, and is especially forgiving for those using a gas grill.

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    Hop into these Citrus IPAs

    With the trend of fruit-infused brews showing no signs of slowing down, some bitter-loving IPA adherents may feel they’ve been left in the dust with the proliferation of a sweeter sort of beer. Wait in the wings no more hop-heads, as we’ve rounded up the five best, refreshing citrus-infused IPAs on shelves this season.

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    Braai Beef Sliders

    Braai is the South African tradition of barbecuing meats to impart the flavors of smoke and spice. This recipe for beef sliders, courtesy of Duncan Savage, winemaker at Cape Point Vineyards in Cape Town, uses a touch of hot English mustard to spice up the mix.

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    Barbecued Flank Steak

    So, maybe you’re a last-minute planner, the type of person who doesn’t get to the store until all the brisket and ribs are sold out for the weekend. Fear not, other cuts of meat take to the barbecue just as well. This dead-simple flank steak marinade will ensure you’ll never have dry meat come off your grill again.

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    All-American Warm Weather Reds

    While whites and rosés are the more standard fare for outdoor summer sipping, some of these meals definitely call for a bolder red that can stand toe-to-toe with them. Senior Editor Jameson Fink has rounded up four delicious American red wines that beg to be taken in on a hot night with a burger in hand.

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    Artisan’s Chili Bean Salad

    While the editors of Wine Enthusiast are not the sort to judge a person for consuming a meal comprised entirely of wine and grilled meats, we would be remiss if we didn’t include something green. This chili-bean salad from Chef Chris Kobayashi is light enough to ease you into a barbecue. A hint of spice and chili-lemon vinaigrette make it an assertive enough side to hold its own against the heavy flavors coming off your grill.

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    Barbecue-Smoked Pulled Pork Sliders

    Pulled pork is the best excuse to pull out your slow-cooker during the summertime. Lee Ann Whippen of TLC’s hit grilling show, BBQ Pitmasters, gives us the blueprint on how to make these succulent sliders, including the recipe for her award-winning Championship Pig Powder Dry Rub.

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    Oh Snap!

    With this made-for-summer cocktail, you get to have your greens and eat them, too. The cooling flavors of snap peas and London Dry gin will help take off some of the heat from your meats. As a bonus, if you eat the garnish you can assuage any post-barbecue guilt by telling yourself that, in a way, you did have a salad. Technically.

Published on May 27, 2016
Topics: Food Recipes, Grill Tips