Your Weekend Cocktail Menu


It’s Friday. You’ve had a long week. You’ve earned a bit of indulgence. While we normally take these moments to try and impart you with a menu of delicious, healthy food recipes for you to try your culinary hand at over the next two days… eh, forget it. Order yourself a pizza. Go on. Load up the meat toppings, if that’s what you feel. Leave the pots and pans where they are, and put away the dish soap. This weekend, your menu is about treating yourself for being spectacular all week.

This weekend, your menu is cocktails.

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    Give Mary A Break

    A breakfast cocktail? Sure, nothing says “I’m doing me and you can take your judgement and shove it right in your juice cleanse” like boozy brunch. Give the bloody Mary a break, and try this delicious combination of hop-infused vodka, carrot juice, lime and agave.

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    Best of Both Worlds

    Speaking of brunch, there is always the tough decision of which comes first, the coffee or the cocktail. For days when double-fisting isn’t an option, give the Café con Alma a shot—mezcal, Green Chartreuse, a dash of amaro, and dark roasted black coffee. Yes, you can have it all.

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    Best While Wearing A Tuxedo

    Perhaps you’d like to lighten things up. Perhaps indulgence, for you, is exploring your classier side. Perhaps you just feel like you photograph best with a Champagne flute in your hand. This cocktail combines the bitter-sweet and decidedly unique taste of Bonal with sparkling wine, a touch of elderflower, and the brightness of fresh grapefruit.

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    If grapefruit is your thing but you could use a little more bite, try this variation of the classic Paloma, the national drink of Mexico. This amped up version of the classic tequila cocktail includes a touch of habanero for spice, and replaces the traditional grapefruit soda with grapefruit hefeweizen for an additional kick.

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    Straw Optional

    Finally, whether you’re having people over for the game on Sunday, or just want to dare anyone who would shame you in your weekend of indulgence for preparing a cocktail for yourself in a punch bowl, try the Llama Del Rey. Hibiscus tea and pink peppercorns paired with aged rum and Malbec all in the same place… who could blame you for not wanting to share?

Published on February 5, 2016
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