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Lodi Old Vines: A Labor of Love

Of the first varieties planted in Lodi, Zinfandel, Carignan, and Cinsaut (or Black Malvoisie) – along with a handful of others – took deepest root in soil and favor amongst growers and wine drinkers. During Prohibition, these varieties helped sustain Lodi’s grape growing industry as growers found a booming market in shipping freight car after freight car to folks looking to try their hand at home winemaking. Today, gnarled old vineyards of many of these varieties still grow throughout the region.

There are many reasons these old vineyards have such longevity, but none more influential than people. Generation after generation, Lodi’s growers have cared for these old vine vineyards. Due to their labor of love, Lodi is indisputably home to California’s highest concentration of own-rooted old vines; vines which, today, are being sought out by trailblazing winemakers across the state who are crafting vineyard-driven varietal wines of distinction.

So, what do you really know about Old Vines? What do you know about Lodi? Test your knowledge with this quick quiz!

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1. What is the oldest surviving vineyard in Lodi?

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2. In what year was the oldest surviving vineyard planted in Lodi?

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3. Old vines are more productive than younger vines.

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4. Use of “Old Vine” designation on a wine label requires the vineyard to be:

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5. The biggest challenge farmers of old vine vineyards face is:

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6. Typical of most old vine vineyards, the goblet (or head trained spur pruned) grapevine training system is advantageous in that it:

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7. The reason why most of Lodi's old vine vineyards dating back as far as the 1800s were planted on their own natural rootstocks was because:

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Lodi Old Vine
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