Break out the Blowtorch: Smoke & Spice

Photo by Marcel Kriegl / Getty

Recipe courtesy Tyler Burns, beverage director, Spoke & Steele, Indianapolis

As the finishing touch to this sweet-and-spicy sipper, Burns sets a cedar plank on the bar and ignites it with a blowtorch. After the wood has blackened a bit and the cedar’s char scents the air, he traps smoke from the cedar plank under a coupe glass while preparing the drink in a beaker, which is then placed on the plank next to the coupe. The guest is presented with the plank, turns over the smoke-filled glass and fills it.


Build all ingredients in a cocktail shaker over ice, shake and strain into the beaker.

Using a blowtorch, torch a small circle on one end of a cedar plank until smoking.

Quickly invert a coupe glass to trap in some of the smoke. Serve with the mixed ingredients in the beaker on the side. Turn over the glass and pour the cocktail into it.

Published on June 30, 2016