The Dawn of the Age of Friesling

Freislink cocktail on pink background surrounded by grapefruit slices
Photo by Meg Baggott, Styling by Julia Lea

Bartenders, being creatures populated in large part by struggling writers, actors and comedians desperately seeking a creative outlet, are notorious for the quirky, pun-filled names they give their cocktail creations. But sometimes it works the other way around—a punny name deserves to have a cocktail created around it.

Such it was when I received an email from our spirits editor, Kara Newman, earlier this summer with one word in it: Friesling.

Screenshot of email with just the word "Friesling!"

She knew then what I am only beginning to understand, that we are in a new era of drinks where norms once held paramount have been transcended. What we once thought true has turned to naught but dust in the wind. “Frosé” is now a thing of the past, a novelty to be left on the ash heap of cocktail history. We are in a new time, one in which some brave soul, some hero, has uttered the word Friesling, and we, as a people, can never go back to what we were before.

So we invented our own recipe. Here’s how to make it.

  • 1½ ounces gin
  • 1 ounce fresh lemon juice
  • ½ ounce pamplemousse (grapefruit liqueur)
  • ½ ounce simple syrup
  • 4 ounces dry Riesling
  • Half grapefruit wheel, for garnish

Pour all ingredients except garnish into blender with 1 heaping cup ice. Blend until smooth, adding extra ice if thicker consistency is desired. Pour into wine glass and garnish with half grapefruit wheel.

Note: If pamplemousse cannot be found, substitute ½ ounce ruby red grapefruit juice and adjust simple syrup to taste.

Published on August 4, 2018