How to Make a Simple, Easy Pasta Dough

Pasta dough ingredients.
Photos by Saghar Setareh / Food styling Alice Kiandra Adams

Courtesy Carmine DiGiovanni, co-owner/chef, Aunt Jake’s, New York City

In a bright, modern kitchen set above the bustling traffic in New York City’s Little Italy, Carmine DiGiovanni keeps the rosé flowing as he teaches classes on how to make fresh pasta. Downstairs, less DIY-inclined customers eat DiGiovanni’s creations at Aunt Jake’s restaurant.

Here, he teaches us his recipe. This dough can take on just about any shape you like, be it lasagna, stuffed pasta or more, but we’ll take you through three basic shapes and teach you three dishes to make with them.

How to Make Pasta at Home (and What to Do with It)
  • 4 cups 00 or all-purpose flour
  • 4 large eggs
  • 1 teaspoon kosher salt
  • 1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil
  • ½ cup durum flour

Heap flour into mound on table or countertop. Create well in middle of pile, leaving wall around outside. Crack eggs into well. With fork, crush yolk. Slowly stir flour from outside of well into middle to mix eggs and flour together. Once 80 percent of flour is incorporated, use fork to fold dough by hand, bringing bottom of flour pile over to top and press/knead. Knead approximately 20 times until it develops dough texture. (Add drops of water if dough separates or is too dry.)

With rolling pin, roll dough into thin sheet, sprinkling durum flour on top. Put through pasta sheeter, according to manufacturer’s instructions. (If you don’t have pasta sheeter, roll dough as flat as possible.)

To Make Pappardelle

With your hands, roll dough into a loose 1-inch thick tube. Cut crosswise to form 1-inch-wide ribbons. Unroll before cooking.

To Make Fettuccine

Follow directions above, except cut into ÂĽ-inch-wide ribbons.

To Make Farfalle

Use tip of sharp paring knife to cut sheet into 2-inch squares. Pinch each square using thumb, pointer and middle fingers. Keep pointer in center of square, while thumb and middle finger pull sides together to resemble bow tie.

Published on September 15, 2017