Night Tripper

Night Tripper cocktail on table with a flask and orange peel
Photo by Jens Johnson

Courtesy Chris Hannah, co-owner, Jewel of the South, New Orleans

At Jewel of the South, Chris Hannah, a bartender and co-owner, pays homage to the Big Easy. This to-go drink is a tribute to New Orleans music legend Dr. John. Hannah also makes a variation called the Rebennack, which was Dr. John’s last name. That cocktail subs rye for Bourbon and orange Curaçao for amaro.

Six of the Best To-Go Cocktails to Make at Home
  • 1½ ounces Bourbon
  • Âľ ounce amaro, preferably Averna or Ramazotti
  • ÂĽ ounce Strega liqueur
  • 2 dashes Peychaud’s bitters
  • Orange or lemon peel, for garnish

Funnel all ingredients, except garnish, into flask, and cap tightly. Shake briefly to mix. Sip from flask or pour into rocks glass over large ice cube.

Optional: Tuck orange or lemon peel into neck of flask just before drinking to add aromatic essence, if desired. Remove and discard to drink.

Published on July 4, 2020