Riesling and Tonic Cocktail

Riesling and Tonic
Photo by Julia Weber

Courtesy Morgan Weber, co-owner/beverage director, Agricole Hospitality/Revival Market, Houston

Trocken is the German word for “dry,” and Weber recommends the bone-dry Peter Lauer Fass 2 Extra Trocken Riesling for this cocktail due to its slightly floral notes. He plays up the latter characteristic with a floral tonic and hibiscus grenadine. A pomegranate-based syrup like Employees Only grenadine can be used in a pinch.

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Riesling + Tonic

  • 4 ounces dry German Riesling
  • ½ ounce hibiscus syrup (recipe below)
  • ½ ounce lime juice
  • 3 drops orange flower water
  • 3 ounces Fever-Tree Elderflower Tonic
  • Grapefruit peel, for garnish

In stemless wine glass or rocks glass, combine Riesling, hibiscus syrup, lime juice and orange flower water. Fill with ice, and stir until well-chilled. Add tonic water, and gently stir to combine. Twist grapefruit peel atop drink to express oils. Use peel as garnish.

Hibiscus Syrup

Steep 1½ tablespoons dried hibiscus flowers in 1 cup hot water for 10 minutes. While still hot, add 1 cup sugar. Stir to dissolve. Let cool to room temperature and strain out flowers. Refrigerated, it keeps up to 2 months.

Published on June 28, 2019
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