Sloe Royale Cocktail

Person pouring sparkling wine into flute with pink cocktail
Sloe Gin Royale / Photo courtesy of Spirit Works

Courtesy of Lauren Patz, head distiller, Spirit Works, Sonoma County, California

Ashby Marshall, distiller and co-owner of Spirit Works, advises trying sloe gin “straight always, well, first, at least.” After you’ve sufficiently sampled, she recommends whipping up this lively twist on a Kir Royale from head distiller Lauren Patz.

Sloe Gin is Back and Better than Ever
  • 1 ounce Spirit Works Sloe Gin
  • Dry sparkling wine, to top
  • 1 fresh lime wedge
  • Lime wheel, for garnish

Add sloe gin to Champagne flute, and top with sparkling wine. Squeeze lime wedge into glass, then discard. Garnish with lime wheel.

Published on October 28, 2019