Got Alcohol? Meet the Cocktail That Works With Many Spirits

A cocktail
Photo by Tom Arena

Courtesy of Katia Morales, lead mixologist, The Cape, a Thompson Hotel, Los Cabos, Mexico

At Manta, a seafood restaurant that’s in The Cape hotel on Mexico’s Baja California peninsula, the specialties are mezcal, Tequila and saké. All are options for this extremely versatile cocktail, where each plays well with the freshness of cucumber and lime.

When mixing at home, however, you needn’t feel limited to those three choices: This cocktail is designed to accommodate just about any white spirit. (Vodka, gin or white rum would make fine additions.) In fact, the recipe is so flexible that it can even go boozeless—all you have to do is add an extra squeeze of lime to balance out the sweetness of the ginger beer.

2 ounces fresh cucumber juice
¼ ounce lime juice
1½ ounces mezcal, blanco Tequila or saké
6 ounces ginger beer
Cucumber slice, for garnish 


In Collins glass, stir all ingredients together with ice. Garnish with cucumber slice.

Published on September 5, 2021