ZEN Chai Toddy

Photo by Theo Crazzolara / Getty

Courtesy of Tea Sommelier James Labe

  • 3 parts ZEN Green Tea Liqueur (check www.zenliqueur.com for purchasing info)
  • 4 parts steeped Gold-Tipped Assam Black Tea (check www.teavana.com or www.myteas.com for purchasing info)
  • 1 part heavy cream
  • Chai Spices (per serving, 3 crushed Cardamom Pods or ÂĽ tsp Cardamom Powder, 1 slice Fresh Ginger, 1 Cinnamon Stick, 2 Cloves)

Combine steeped tea with Chai spices. Steep 2 minutes. Strain, reserving cinnamon stick. Add heavy cream and serve.

Published on July 8, 2010