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The Barolo Wine Region is a DOCG located in Piedmont, Italy. Prior to the 19th century, Barolo wasn鈥檛 the tannic, dry wine that it is today. In fact, the cold winter months in Piedmont caused the yeast to go dormant, halting fermentations and leaving behind residual sugar. With increased winemaking knowledge, vinification techniques were modernized and fermentations were properly completed. The Barolo Wine Reviews below illustrate how these 100% Nebbiolo-based wines are notably modest in color, with high levels of both acid and tannin and aromas of tar, roses and truffles. While Barolo may be produced in 11 communes, the five principal communes of production are La Morra, Serralunga d鈥橝lba, Monforte d鈥橝lba, Castiglione Falletto and Barolo itself. The wines are required by DOCG regulations to age for a minimum of 38 months, spending at least 18 months in wood prior to release. Barolo reserva age even longer, requiring a minimum of 62 months, including at least 18 months in wood. For more information, check out our Barolo Wine Guide for more information.

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