About Sancerre

Located in the Eastern section of the Loire Valley, the Sancerre Wine Region is dominated by plantings of Sauvignon Blanc. The white wines of the region tend to be sleekly structured with acidity and citrus, mineral and herb aromatics. While the white wines are renown, the Sancerre AOP also produces light Pinot Noir-based reds and rosés; these, however, are more rare than the whites. With Sancerre’s three distinct soil types—Terres Blanches, Caillottes, and Silex—a multitude of wine styles exist. Wines hailing from the calcareous-clay based Terres Blanche soils create powerful, full-bodied wines; the limestone Caillottes soils produce wines that are elegantly balanced; while the wines fashioned from the flint-rich Silex soils are often the longest-lived with a distinct gunflint quality. While styles differ, the majority of these Sauvignon Blancs are matured in stainless steel tanks or used-barrels as a means to retain varietal character. These bright whites are well-suited for seafood, white meats, goat cheese and, due to the varietal’s herbal characteristics, pair well with asparagus and artichokes. For more information and a full list of ratings, be sure to check out the Sancerre Wine Guide.

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