Vin de Pays du Val de Loire

About Vin de Pays du Val de Loire

The fresh and often simple wines from Vin de Pays du Val de Loire are created from grapes grown across the four main sub regions of the Loire Valley. At the far eastern edge of the Loire Valley are The Central Vineyards, home to two of the Loire Valley’s most famous Sauvignon Blanc-derived wines: Sancerre and Pouilly-Fume. With its continental climate and chalk and flint-dominant soils, this region lends itself to crisp, mineral driven wines with racy acidity. West of The Central Vineyards is Touraine where the climate starts experiencing more maritime influence and the spotlight shifts from the Sauvignon Blanc varietal to Chenin Blanc and Cabernet Franc. The Chenin Blanc-driven Vouvrays are some of Touraine’s best, proffering intense apricot- and quince-scented wines which range in style from dry and crisp to sweet and luscious. In Chinon, a sub region of Touraine, Cabernet Franc excels, yielding wines with rich with red fruit and herbal flavors. Similar to Touraine, the Anjou-Saumur region's main production of wine comes from Chenin Blanc and Cabernet Franc. This area is closer to the Atlantic Ocean which carries a coastal affect on the vineyards and inevitably the wine itself. In Pays Nantais, the sub region most influenced by the Atlantic, the Melon de Bourgogne varietal thrives, producing electrifying whites known as Muscadet. Many of the Top Rated Vin de Pays du Val de Loire wines from this area encompass green apple, lemon and crushed rock aromas and flavors, the trademark characteristics from this region. See below for our full Vin de Pays du Val de Loire Reviews.

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