Befitting the farm-fresh food of Chef/ Owner Tony Maws, Wine Director
 Carl York favors “people that farm their land and make their wines themselves.” The list is heavy on German Riesling, Burgundy and Piedmont, with an impressive selection of affordable aged wines, or, “things back 15-plus years that aren’t for finance guys,” says York.

Riot Dish: “We have a few menu staples that are recommended for anyone coming in for the first time—and regulars would certainly miss if they were ever to leave the menu: Our pigs’ tails fried and served with pickled peanuts, jalapeño slices, cilantro, and nuoc cham; the Crispy-Fried Essex Clams with preserved lemon, pickled peppers, dried black olive, and squid ink anchoïade; the Whole-Roasted Green Circle Chicken with local sweet potato, braising greens, and rose harissa.”