Wine Director Aldo Sohm’s 900-bottle, French-focused list is enough to entice any wine lover. However, Sohm says he’s “noticed that people in America are becoming more wine savvy every year and are hungry to discover new regions and producers.” Piquing interest? Wines from Sancerre, Jura, Corsica, Alto Adige and the Loire Valley.

Riot Dish: “We had a tuna carpaccio dish that was on the menu a long time—layers of thinly pounded tuna with foie gras, toasted baguette, some lemon, olive oil and chives. Chef Ripert decided it was time for a change and replaced it with another tuna carpaccio dish with Iberico ham and sea beans, which is a great dish. However, our clients kept requesting the old one, so we brought it back and now offer it on our lounge menu.”