Niche may be a fine-dining restaurant, but Beverage Director Chris Kelling works to keep the wine list accessible and unintimidating. This year, Niche began hosting a “Modern Midwest Dinner Series,” where other regional chefs cook alongside Gerard Craft and his team.

Riot Dish: “Definitely the Egg. It’s a staple on the menu and showcases Niche’s dedication to utilizing local ingredients. Niche’s Egg dish is a Missouri egg-custard made with Illinois maple and maple vinegar, roasted shiitake mushrooms and trout caviar. The trout ‘caviar’ is made by making a strong seasoned smoked trout stock seasoned with trout garum (a kind of fish sauce also made in-house) that is set with agar agar to create the look and bright umami flavor of caviar. The eggs come from local Double Star Farms.”