Recently doubling the
 size of the wine list to 360 selections, Wine Director Cate Hatch seeks “wines that are familiar, but different, like Domaine Skouras Chardonnay, which has a Chablis-like character, but comes from Greece.” Five sommeliers pour 20 Coravin selections to match the ever-evolving tasting menu, highlighting lesser-known regions like Corsica and Mallorca.

Riot Dish: “It would have to be the Southern Vegetables. This is a staple of what we do and what the south is really about. Georgia is one of the best places for agriculture in the world. We have local farmers that show up with fresh produce on a whim because they know we are interested in the best produce you can find. It’s revolutionary when someone tries something as simple as a turnip and they are blown away by how good a simple turnip can be.”