Deborah Hansen’s all-Spanish list, which includes 75 Sherries among its 300-plus bottles, is a dynamic, intimate guide
 to Spain’s vast viticultural landscape. It pairs superbly with the authentic food— from textbook tapas and Catalan xató to the famed black paella.

Riot Dish: “One of our favorite dishes for pairing with a myriad of wine styles is the arroz negro (black paella), one we could never take off my menu.  It’s equally fun to pair with a blossoming beauty, such as Blanc d’Orto, a biodynamic white goddess of a wine from Monsant by Joan Asens or a lush Priorat like Terroja by Terroir al Limit  by Domenich Huber. Riojas and cavas alike go superbly with this dish and for this we love the arroz negro.”