The proprietors of Vedge, perhaps the country’s best vegan restaurant, find natural wines to dovetail with both the cuisine and philosophy of the restaurant, and they’re thirsty to share global finds with diners. The by-the glass list changes weekly, winemaker dinners are frequent and servers are extremely knowledgeable.

Riot Dish: “Right now this would be our Rutabaga Fondue. We first added this on our menu in the mid-winter of 2014, and never have we received more email inquiries for a particular recipe than for this dish! It’s a rich, creamy fondue made from roasted rutabaga (shallots, garlic, onion, white wine) served with a house-baked soft pretzel loaf (we are in Philadelphia after all!) and some house pickles. While the vegetable itself is as humble as it gets, the dish is quite complicated to make because you need to roast the rutabaga in a very particular way to maximize the caramelization and coax out its natural cheesy, nutty flavor. We ended up keeping it all through that following spring and summer, and it hasn’t left our menu since.”