“A more tightly curated list opens the door to deeper conversations with our guests,” says Virginia Allen, general manager and co-wine director. The wine list may be shrinking, but it’s more closely aligned with menus that change daily. The collection of pours from Maryland and nearby Virginia is a point of pride.

Riot Dish: “We offer a different menu every day, but there are three dishes we almost always serve: Crab Pot, which is our take on crab dip with Maryland blue crab and homemade quark; our Chicken and Biscuit, which is half a chicken deboned, cooked skin side down in a cast iron pan in the wood burning oven; and we almost always have our CMP on the dessert menu, which is a take on a hot fudge sundae—homemade fresh cream ice cream. We get all of our dairy from Trickling Springs creamery in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, hot fudge, honeyed peanuts, homemade marshmallow fluff, and a bruleed sugar top. If we took any of these three dishes off our menu our guests would have something to say about it!”