Wine & Ratings

The Wine & Sports Issue

When it comes to global phenomena with passionate fans taking pride in what’s local and national, wine and sports share a great affinity. From upstarts and underdogs to well-established icons, there’s always a reason to cheer for what’s in your glass and who’s on the field. And with more of the world’s most famous athletes getting involved with wine, it’s never been a better time to cheer for the home team…and vineyard. So let the games begin. Just don’t forget the wine.

Inspiring Match-ups

Like a cornerback covering his wide receiver, sports and wine are both about complimentary pairings. From athletes’ tastes in wine to what great vintages came out the last time the Mets won a World Series, dig in to these great combinations.

Road Games

Following your favorite team around the nation or looking to take in a game while on vacation? These helpful tips will help you navigate the best in food and drink wherever the competition takes you.

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