From high-powered business executives to recent college graduates, there’s one thing that unites everyone: the love of a good bargain. The rush you get from discovering a special bottle that also stretches your dollars to the max is almost indescribable—and the bragging right for being the first to score it is always a cherry on top.

Well, excuse us while we toot our own horn, but we just dropped the motherlode of killer value buys for every wine lover.

Each year, we assiduously select the wines that make up our Top 100 Best Buys list, a ranking of the most attainable, buzzworthy, well-priced and simply delicious pours available. More than 1,400 bottles were eligible this year (our most yet!), and, as usual, we’ve included something for everyone by exploring the full scope of the vinous world. With 16 countries and more than 35 different grape varieties represented, this list has all the wines you want, from tried-and-true Prosecco and California Zin to out-of-the-box selections from Texas and Bulgaria.

And to top it off, this list boasts an average bottle price just over $12 and an average rating just under 90 points. So, there you have it. The cat’s out of the bag. Now go and snag these bargain buys before someone else beats you to it!

Click here for a downloadable PDF of our Top 100 Best Buys of 2018.