Value might be a subjective term, but the concept is one that’s universally understood—what gives you the most bang for your buck?

While the reviewers here at Wine Enthusiast taste wines at every price point, at the end of the day, we’re no different. We want to find high quality wines at accessible prices for everyday drinking, too.

Our Best Buy designation identifies those high quality-to-price ratio treasures. If a wine is given a certain numerical score—on the high side of the 100-point scale—and its suggested retail price is $15 or less, it may be designated a Best Buy. Out of the nearly 19,500 wines we reviewed this year, less than seven percent (about 1,200) achieved this distinction, which gives you an idea of just how special these finds are.

For this list, we take the selection process one step further. We whittle the list down to a ranking of the top 100 selections to purchase and enjoy now. From the Old World to the New, the assortment of regions, producers and wine styles included reflects the remarkable variety the wine world has to offer. And none of these wines compromise on quality.