While wine is meant to be enjoyed through consumption, it can offer another layer of enjoyment through collection. The agonizing exercise of cellaring has grown even more rewarding now that wine has been declared the best-performing collectable in the luxury goods market. In recent years, wine has shown to be a more stable investment than classic cars, rare art and jewelry, and has outpaced the competition in price growth. With that in mind, hopefully we’ve tempted you to convert your garage into a cellar.

All investments have risks, but this is one we can help with: Our Top 100 Cellar Selections removes the guesswork. Of the more than 22,000 wines reviewed in the last year, less than four percent were deemed worthy of our Cellar Selection designation. From that list, we further narrowed our selection to an exclusive 100 wines, each chosen for its prestige, ageability and immense quality.

This year’s lineup shines with four 100-point wines, hailing from Bordeaux, Champagne and the Douro in Portugal. The rest of our selection spans the globe, hitting classic regions like Burgundy, Tuscany and Rioja as well as New World offerings from the Southern Hemisphere, California, Washington, Oregon and New York.

We’ve also got you covered regardless of budget or preference. While many wines on this list are costly, more than half are under $100, which proves that stellar investments can come at an attainable price.

Whether for finance or pleasure, we hope this list is a useful tool for your future enjoyment.