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While Charbono is produced in California, its origins remain a bit nebulous. While some believe the grape originated in the Savoie region of Eastern France, others speculate that Charbono is identical to Piedmont’s Dolcetto and Argentina’s Bonarda. When produced in California, Charbono thrives in the warm-to-hot climates of Napa and Mendocino where full ripeness is easily achieved and the large diurnal swings allow for acid retention. Full-bodied and robust, the wines are characterized by plummy plummy with nuances of tar, pepper and leather. For food pairings, try a glass of Charbono with hearty meat preparations, such as pappardelle with wild boar ragout, grilled lamb or seared beef. Make sure to visit our Charbono Wine Guide for a full list of reviewed Charbono wines.

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