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Nero d'Avola

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Native to Sicily, Nero d’Avola, which translates to “Black of Avola,” produces wines with a dark, robust character. The mix of Sicily’s arid, Mediterranean heat and its large diurnal swings is conducive to creating ripe wines with retained acidity. Nero d’Avola is Sicily’s most planted red grape and plays a major role in the island’s only DOCG, Cerasuolo di Vittoria. Many of the higher end wines have the ability to gain complexity with proper aging, especially those wines that have spent some time in oak. However, for the most part these wines are meant for early consumption, according to our Nero d’Avola Ratings. Quite recently, plantings of Nero d’Avola have been documented in California, such as Mendocino County. For a full list of ratings on these wines be sure to check out our Nero d’Avola Buying Guide.

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