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Along with Chardonnay, Riesling is one of the top white grapes in the world. It is an aromatic grape that can produce dry to very sweet dessert wines. It is most popular in Germany, Alsace and Austria, but excellent varietal wines can be found throughout the world including in Australia and New York. Riesling-based wines typically express notes of apple, citrus, honey and petrol. You can use Wine Enthusiast’s online Buying Guide to find the top-rated Riesling among our extensive Riesling wine reviews and easy-to-use database. Our Riesling reviews will give you a general idea what to expect from wines made from Riesling, and will help you find one that best suits your needs.


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Germany has a deep history of winemaking, and Riesling has long been considered the country’s most celebrated grape – The first documented mention of Riesling dates back to the early 15th century near the Rheingau region. Vinified bone dry or lusciously sweet, this iconic grape has a pour perfect for every palate.

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